We are a team of professionals who have developed a Course in International Migration with the assistance and input from relevant stakeholders. It is written in simple and plain English so that it can be accessed internationally.

We strongly believe that education is an integral part of any Migration program and strongly believe that our program will prepare you to meet the challenge of making an informed decision.

- Mr Parmesh Chand, JD (Australain Law Degree) Bond University, Diploma In Legal Practice - Griffith University; Dip in Education USP; Principal and Solicitor Chand Lawyers
- Mr Rudolf Michael Ondrich, LLB (Hons)Part-time Tutor (Law), Griffith University
- Mr William Cartmell, LLB Griffith University
- Dr. Harvinder Singh, Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Engineering, Master of Science, Bachelor Engineering.
- Mr Ahmed Sokarno- Chief Executive Officer, VETEA .
- Mr Manish Arora- Advocate Supreme Court of India ; Director Universal Law Publishing; Consultant LexisNexis; Member Board of Studies Amity University; President Harvard Club of India 2008-2010

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